Innovation Sandbox

Inspiring Radical Creativity That Works!

The KSU Innovation Sandbox provides infrastructure and expertise to support your team as they generate creative and effective solutions to challenges and opportunities. The Sandbox applies proven creative problem solving methods used in higher education institutions like Stanford University, Southern New Hampshire University, private sector organizations like Southern Company, Mohawk Industries, Delta Airlines, and others to foster out of the box thinking.

Play in the Sandbox!

We guide teams as they enage in a collaborative creative process, supported by training and facilitation to develop skills and help achieve objectives:

  • Strategic Foresight to develop informed and provocative visions of the future, generating rich insights that lead to action in the present
  • Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving to clarify objectives, ideate, develop, and implement innovative solutions

The sandbox supports the process of moving from a challenge to a solution by:

  • Training your team in out of the box Creative Problem Solving
  • Facilitating your team to create and implement unexpected new solutions

Thought Bubble

 The sandbox provides:

  • Engagement and inclusivity by involving the middle and front lines
  • Radical creativity which includes new ways of approaching challenges and opportunities that generate greater impact
  • Utilization of expert tools and training that transfers knowledge to your people

Find Out How The Innovation Sandbox Works

For more information about the KSU Innovation Sandbox or to schedule an overview for your team, contact the center for university learning at or 470-578-3450.