High Potential Leadership Program


Vision: The Kennesaw State University High Potential Leadership Program (HPLP) is designed to develop a pipeline and deepen the bench strength of adaptive and continuously learning leaders who further the mission and vision of Kennesaw State University.

Mission: The HPLP is an immersive, experiential, high-touch, and highly personalized cohort-based program to build our university's leadership capacity by developing leadership talent and retain high potential employees currently in or considering leadership roles at Kennesaw State University. This program will cultivate leaders who:

  • Are self-starting, reflective practitioners of leadership

  • Have familiarity with 21st-century leadership concepts and can apply them appropriately to their organizations' leadership challenges

  • Practice evidence-based leadership skills

  • Develop adaptive habits of continuous learning and growth, and

  • Receive challenging opportunities that retain and engage them in their careers at KSU

Target Audience: High potential employees at all levels of our institution nominated by university, college, or department leadership. Cohorts should represent a diverse sample of leaders at multiple levels of all colleges and departments.

Learning and Development Goals:

  1. Explore essential leadership concepts for higher education aligned with the University System of Georgia Leadership Competency Model, and integrate them into a personal leadership philosophy.

  2. Identify areas of strengths and growth opportunities and overcome barriers to personal and team change.

  3. Apply an integrated leader-as-learner framework for self-analysis, on the job application, and continuous improvement.

  4. Develop the capacity to create and implement innovative strategies, develop high performing teams, lead diverse teams, manage conflict productively, and lead ethically.

  5. Build cooperative, professional networks between administration, staff and faculty at KSU, with the University System, and in the community.

  6. Partner with mentors who will help learners' develop organizational savvy and administrative skills and who will champion their career progression.

  7. Match strong leaders with critical roles and develop skills and experiences to prepare them for future roles and responsibilities as institutional leaders.


The Kennesaw State University High Potential Leadership Program aligns with the University System of Georgia Leadership Competency Model.

Core competencies of integrity and ethics include promoting the system's values of integrity, excellence, accountability, and respect.

 Leadership competencies include:

  • Future-oriented strategic and innovative practices

  • The ability to successfully execute data driven results

  • Building a collaborative, high trust work environment, and

  • Engaging various constituency groups

The program also includes content of current interest and importance to our university. Participants will bring real-world challenges and goals to the program. They will identify strategies and practices to help them improve their capacity to address their unique challenges. This practical approach will have a positive impact on our university, our students, and our community.

The program emphasizes results through peer feedback, action learning, on the job application, and mentoring. This not only builds individual leaders but creates a supportive network that continuously improves and retains leadership talent and increases leadership effectiveness at Kennesaw State University.

Watch this space for more details Fall 2020!