Design Thinking & Creative Problem Solving

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    Tools to Manage Change and Foster Innovation

    The ever-increasing pace of change requires we think and act “differently” to succeed. The new reality requires creative problem solving that involves the whole team and the people it serves.

    In this course, you will develop Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving skills that allow you to think about challenges in your everyday work from different perspectives.

    This course includes:

    • Non-traditional tools of Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving - How to empathize with your users and better define their problems
    • How to modify existing practices to support a culture of innovation that involves and motivates team members - Generate a range of unusual creative ideas
    • How to apply prototyping to your ideas through complete and open communications - Build real, tactile prototypes of your ideas
    • How to get feedback and buy-in to your ideas from those who count - Test your prototype with your users and obtain feedback for improvement
    • Help you understand the role innovation can play in the change management process, as well as its importance after change occurs - Implement the vision
    • The FourSight Thinking Profile© to help you learn your problem-solving preferences and boost creative problem-solving skills

    Harry Vardis from the Coles College of Business Executive Education group will facilitate this engaging and enlightening session.

    7.5 Hours     .75 CEUs