• Civility

    This course is open to KSU Students as a non-credit workshop in partnership with the Office of Student Advocacy.

    Traditionally civility is the virtue and practice of good citizenship. In modern times, we interpret civility as politeness and respect. However, for civility to be an effective and meaningful cultural norm, it must be much more than a veneer of politeness.

    Civility will explore how diverse populations can create consensus on the definition of civility, while still respecting differences.

    • Take part in a model society where participants explore what it means to be ethical and respectful citizens in complex and diverse populations
    • Review research on the benefit of civility (and cost of incivility) in professional, political, and personal spheres
    • Learn that civility is not absence of conflict, but dealing with conflict in a way that builds self and others
    • Discuss current, local issues where civility is challenging and apply lessons learned to improving civility

    4 Hours     .4CEUs