Accountability In The Workplace

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    Today's pace of organizational change is unprecedented and the ability to respond to customer needs and deliver results is key to success. Employees are expected to deliver on higher expectations in the same or shorter time frames, and often with fewer resources. There's a gap between expectations and execution of  organizational strategies and results. Something has to be done differently...but what?

    The traditional paradigm of training managers to delegate better has shifted to encouraging and expecting individual accountability at all levels. Individuals who see themselves as accountable feel more in control of outcomes, find the gap between expectations and deliverables  shrinks, and  as a result, are less stressed and more productive.

    Participants will be able to:

    • Describe an accountable environment and recognize barriers to accountability
    • Define and assess personal levels of  responsibility, empowerment and accountability
    • Evaluate typical situations to improve levels of accountability and identify appropriate tools to address challenges
    • Practice the verbal skills associated with declining, negotiating, and holding others accountable

     7.5 Hours    .75 CEUs