Administrative Professionals Certificate

This program includes a series of readings and classes that provide knowledge and tools to improve administrative professional skills, familiarize professionals with university policy and procedures, and enhance service to internal and external customers. This certificate is strongly recommended for new administrative professionals and appropriate for anyone in the administrative professional role.

Note: Prior to completing the certificate program all USG/KSU required training must be up to date.

To complete the Adminstrative Professionals Certificate complete all of the following readings and courses:

  • Readings: KSU Policy and Procedure Resources

    The following links will familiarize you with key policies and procedures that can assist you as a supervisor or administrative professional at KSU. Visit and review these important resources prior to completing the courses listed below.

  • FLEx Procurement 100

    This course provides information about the policies that govern procurement commitments made by KSU employees on behalf of the University.  The course is open to all employees and is required each fiscal year for KSU employees involved in requesting, making, or approving a purchase, travel, or contracts on behalf of the University with any supplier.

    • Online - 6 minutes


  • FERPA Training

    This online tutorial provides basic information about FERPA regulations that govern the disclosure of student record information at Kennesaw State University (KSU). University employees who have access or have requested access to systems that contain student record information will be required to review this tutorial before access is permitted. Employees may be asked periodically to review and acknowledge their understanding of this information to remain current with federal regulations.

    • Online - 19 minutes
  • Administrative Support: Secrets to Success

    • Developing Essential Skills
      • Working with records: Alphabetic Classification
      • Working with Records: Numeric and Alphanumeric
      • Planning a Business Trip
      • Planning an International Business Trip
      • Effectively Planning Business Meetings
      • Recording Business Meetings
    • Administrative Support: Working in Partnership with Your Boss
    • Administrative Support: Interacting Effectively with Colleagues
    • Administrative Support: Projecting a Positive Professional Image


    • Online - 1.5 hours



  • Effective Business Writing

    • Audience and Purpose in Business Writing
    • Clarity and Conciseness in Business Writing
    • Editing and Proofreading Business Documents
    • Writing for Business
    • Written Communication


    • Online - 2 hours




  • Service Excellence

    Service Excellence is all about HOW we do WHAT we do. This course will help all of us provide excellent service as employees of the University System of Georgia.

    • Instructor Led - 4 hours


Once you have completed all of the above courses, send a note to including the date of completion, and how you want your name spelled on your certificate.

CUL staff will verify your completion and issue your certificate.