Required Training for KSU Employees

  • Important - To successfully complete on-line training:

    - Use the Firefox browser.
    - Set your browser to allow pop-ups.
    - When your course is complete, close the pop-up window displaying the training.
    - DO NOT FAST FORWARD OR SKIP through any videos or content, or the course may lock resulting in no credit.

    If this is your first time using Owltrain and you do not see your assigned learning courses:

    1. Refresh the browser.
    2. If refreshing does not work, please logout of Owltrain, wait at least 5+ minutes, then log back in.
    3. If no assigned learning shows after 24 hrs, please submit a ticket to
    • Right to Know Global Harmonized System

      WHEN: Prior to your New Employee Orientation session.

      Go to - follow the instructions at this link and print your certificate to bring to new employee orientation.

      (If you have received an offer of employment but not received information on new employee orientation please contact HR at to arrange to attend a session.

      • New Employee General Safety Orientation

        WHEN: Immediately upon activating your NetID, and prior to starting regular job duties at KSU. 

        All new hires including employees who have been absent from work for over one year. Go to and sign in with your NetID.

        • Watch the entire 41 minute course including all videos with no skipping.
        • Answer all questions correctly.
        • Close the training window after watching the videos and answering all questions.
        • Upon completion of the online course, download the Orientation Checklist (Download here) and give it to your supervisor. This form should be completed by your supervisor to document completion of job-specific orientation provided by the department. The Supervisor should sign the form and forward it to EHS at
        • USG Required Ethics Training

          WHEN: Within 30 days of employment

          Go to and sign in with your NetID to complete the 25-minute online course and policy acknowledgement. All KSU employees must complete this training as New Hires and periodically as required by the University System of Georgia (USG) as a condition of their employment.

          • Annual Clery Act Training

            WHEN: Within 30 days of employment and then annually each Fall semester.

            Go to and sign in to OwlTrain with your NetID

            • Watch the entire 20 minute course including all videos with no skipping.
            • Answer all questions correctly.
            • Close the training window after watching the videos and answering all questions.
            • When the course is over complete and submit the CSA Acknowledgement form.

            This course should be completed by new employees of Kennesaw State University and renewed annually, in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Act and Federal Department of Education Crime Awareness and Campus Security requirements. 

            • OCS (Office of Cyber Security) Mandatory Employee Information Security Training 2017-18

              WHEN: Within 30 days of employment and then annually each Fall semester.

              Go to: and sign in with your NetID. 

              • Watch the entire 11 minute video with no skipping.
              • Answer the question at the 11:51 minute mark correctly. A correct answer will count as passing.
              • Close the training window after watching the 11 minute video and answering the question correctly for a completed status.

              NOTE: There is no more entering first name, last name, and email address at the beginning of the video. This was fixed from the previous training.

              This video aligns with USG IT Handbook Section 5.9 which requires that all employees, including student assistants, successfully complete information security training each year.

              For questions or technical assistance with this training, please contact the KSU Service Desk at (470) 578- 6999 or

              • KSU Driver Qualification Program

                WHEN: Prior to operating any vehicle on KSU business.

                LEVEL 1 - Motor Vehicle Operator Training
                *This course is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox.*

                This program is to establish basic driver training in accordance with Kennesaw State University Policy and Board of Regents Policy. This program is required for ALL employees (full time, part time, student workers, occasional or temporary workers) of KSU who drive University owned or controlled vehicles, rental vehicles, personal vehicles for KSU business or low speed vehicles such as golf carts, Gators, Mules etc. This training is a requirement if an employee is travelling between campus locations, transporting of employees, students or guests, driving to meetings, driving to a conference or completing any University business that requires driving, regardless of vehicle ownership or driving frequency. This training is also an acknowledgement of State policies for driving.

                1. Go to:
                and log in with your NetID and Password
                2. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the course

                **If it is determined that an employee will NEVER drive on behalf of KSU and claims exemption for any reason, the employee must complete the KSU Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Exempt form. You will not be authorized to operate any vehicle for KSU business. Remember exemption from this program also excludes the employee from liability insurance coverage under the State Tort Claims Act, and you will not have the same immunity from personal liability as other State employees.

                KSU Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Exemption Form
                You must complete this training or the MVR Exemption Form must be completed in order for you to be in compliance with the State policy.

                If you have any additional questions, please contact

                LEVEL 2 - National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course
                Defensive Driving is required for all approved drivers who operate a state vehicle, rent a vehicle or drive their own personal vehicle for KSU Business. The goal of the National Safety Council’s (NSC) Defensive Driving Course is to provide drivers with knowledge and safe driving techniques to prevent collisions and violations. This State recognized, 6 hour course focuses on collision prevention though hazard recognition and the application of collision-avoidance techniques. In addition, the course addresses common driving violations that result in collisions and how to change driving habits to eliminate moving violations.

                1. Go to: and log on with your NetID & Password.
                2. Select a session of the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course.
                3. Attend and complete the Instructor Led Training Session for the date you selected.

                • Additional training is required and/or recommended depending on job duties and responsibilities.

                  You will be contacted directly about any of the following courses that you are required to complete:
                  • eProcurement and P-card training
                  • Zimbra (campus email system
                  • FERPA records privacyTravel Management (concur)
                  • Position-specific safety training
                  • Records management training