Supervisory Development Certificate

(This is a preview of the draft program. Please check back before fall 2018 when we will launch the official program)


This program includes a series of readings and classes that provide knowledge and tools to improve supervisory skills and enhance the development of Kennesaw State University supervisors. This series will also address specific policies that impact supervisors and their employees. This certificate is strongly recommended for new supervisors and appropriate for all Kennesaw State University employees who have direct reports.

Prior to completing the certificate program all USG/KSU required training must be up to date.

To complete the Supervisory Development Certificate, complete all of the following readings and courses:

  • Readings: KSU Policy and Procedure Resources

    The following links will familiarize you with key policies and procedures that can assist you as a supervisor or administrative professional at KSU. Visit and review these important resources prior to completing the courses listed below.

  • FLEx Procurement 100

    This course provides information about the policies that govern procurement commitments made by KSU employees on behalf of the University.  The course is open to all employees and is required each fiscal year for KSU employees involved in requesting, making, or approving a purchase, travel, or contracts on behalf of the University with any supplier.

    • Online - 6 minutes
  • Your Leadership Journey (required for first time supervisors only)

    This course arms a new or prospective leader with the knowledge and skills they need to confront the challenges they face early in their leader career.
    • Instructor Led - 4 Hours
    • $65 per participant charged to home department


  • Communicating for Leadership Success

    In Communicating for Leadership Success, participants learn when and how to use interpersonal skills that will enable them to prepare for, lead, and participate in a variety of crucial interactions with you, their peers, and their team members.

    • Online or Instructor Led - 4 hours
    • $65 per participant charged to home department

    This course also counts towards the Management Development Certificate.

  • Setting Goals and Reviewing Results

    Prerequisite: Communicating for Leadership Success

    This course helps leaders drive performance and accountability by helping people understand what is expected of them and gaining their commitment to  achieving it. When leaders conduct effective setting expectations discussions, people feel  more motivated to perform well because they see how their efforts make a difference.

    • Online or Instructor Led - 4 hours
    • $65 per participant charged to home department

    This course also counts towards the Management Development Certificate.

  • Service Excellence

    Service Excellence is all about HOW we do WHAT we do. This course will help all of us provide excellent service as employees of the University System of Georgia.

    • Instructor Led - 4 hours


  • KSU Management Specifics

    KSU Management Specifics is information that supervisors, managers, and administrative professionals who support them (faculty and staff) need to know to be successful leaders at KSU.

    • Instructor Led - 4 hours


Once you have completed all of the above courses, send a note to including the date of completion, and how you want your name spelled on your certificate.

CUL staff will verify your completion and issue your certificate.