Anita Jackson

  • Administrative and Training Associate, Center for University Learning

    Anita is responsible for managing the office and logistics for the Center for University Learning preparing learning materials and training facilities for all of the Center’s programs and events. She schedules training classes and conferences for faculty, staff and administrators through the Event Management System and manages the Learning Management System coordinating training registration, events and employee professional development records.
    Anita’s extensive work experience brings valuable administrative skills to the Center for University Learning. She has been with KSU for 10 years including service as Record Coordinator in the department of Student Financial Aid. Anita has over 27 years of experience in administrative duties, accounting, and customer service including seventeen years at Lucent Technologies.

    She has been recognized by her department and the university for her outstanding customer service.

    Anita has completed an array of training courses and certificate programs that have supplied her with exceptional administrative skills and advanced computer proficiency. She is a Certified Crisis Coordinator for Kennesaw State University.